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Standards Rates (All Seasons) are tax inclusive in NZ Dollars - These prices are applicable to direct bookings only (without agent) and valid until March 2023.  Prices are only an indication and may change without notice or vary according to seasons, promotions, force majeure, special events and public holidays.

We are also happy to discuss with you customised rates to fit your special circumstances or requirements.

COTTAGE (Single)

One Single:   $225.00 / Night     $1,400.00 / Week

Two singles:  $240.00 / Night     $1,580.00 / Week

COTTAGE (Double)

Double:                 $235.00 / Night $1,500.00 / Week

Extra adult:             $55.00 / Night  $340.00 / Week

Extra child (2-7yo):   $35.00 / Night  $200.00 / Week


By arrangement and specific conditions only (Cannot be booked online). Maximum of 6 guests.

$3,000.00/ Week       $10,000/ Month


By arrangement and specific conditions only (Cannot be booked online). Maximum of 8 guests.

$4,000.00/ Week    $15,000/ Month


Holiday season (1st Dec- 31st February) & public holidays:

Extra charge:  Please add 15% to above Cottage prices

Low season (1st May- 1st October) except public holidays:

Discount:  -5% for any stay over 7 days, -15% for any stay over 30 days.


Apart from exceptions listed below, all rates include wi-fi unlimited internet, satellite TV, Netflix,

parking and cleaning fees.


All prices are quoted for 2 adults. Children above 7 years of age are considered as adults.

Extra charges exceptions: 

For bookings made through online booking agents (Unless otherwise specified), rates do not include the following:

Parking fee: $10.00/night

Cleaning fees:

1 night: $25.00

Multiple nights: $15.00 / night or $80.00 weekly.

Linen fee: A $20.00 linen fee applies for the use of the Sofa-bed for a 2-guest stay.



We accept payments in cash, by internet Banking, Paypal or credit cards (Visa and MasterCard only).  All card payments carry a 3.2% convenience fee.

NOTE: If you have payed in advance by Card or Paypal, and there is a difference with the correct above rates, the adjustment will be payed or refunded in cash on arrival. 


Covid-19 lock-down and self-isolation surcharges:​

A daily bio-cleaning surcharge of $20.00 applies to all stays under Govt. lock-downs as well as self-isolation bookings.





Early reservation is essential


Cancellation is sometimes inevitable and may happen due to unforeseen circumstances

affecting Guests and Hosts alike.



We may be forced sometimes to cancel a booking made by a guest in case of major circumstances such as damage to the property or Covid-19 alert.

In such case we will inform the guest as soon as possible and the guest will be refunded in total within 7 days. The guest will be offered a 20% discount on any further direct booking. There will be no other form of compensation and we will do our best to find an alternative accommodation when possible.



Our cancellation policy is not affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and remains as follows: 

  • Full refund if you change your mind for any reason within 24 hours after you have made a reservation (unless it is

      within 24 hours of arrival.)

  • 90% refund when booking is cancelled at least 90 days before check-in date (10% Cancellation fee)*

  • 75% refund when booking is cancelled at least 30 days before check-in date (25% Cancellation)*

  • 50% refund when booking is cancelled between 7 and 30 days from check-in date (50% Cancellation fee)*

  • No refund if booking is cancelled or made within 7 days of check-in date (The total charge is due).

* A $30.00 administration fee is deducted from all refunds.


Guests being tested positive or developing Covid-19 symptoms while in transit and within 7 days of arrival will have the choice to cancel their reservation (Normal cancellation charges apply) or to stay in the Cottage under strict self-isolating conditions. They will need to consult a doctor immediately after arrival and perform a Covid test.

A weekly $200.00 bio-cleaning surcharge apply to self-isolation.

Please note that, we no longer offer Covid-19 exceptions for flight or transport cancellations or government lockdown. However, we offer below some alternatives to help with these unfortunate situations.


Changing your dates

Dates changes are subject to availability and seasonal rates.

Changes made at least 30 days before arrival for the same amount of nights: Free of charge (except for the Administration fee). All other case are considered as cancellations.

Extensions (Earlier arrival date or later check-out date): No extra charge (In some cases a discount may apply :) 

Reductions (Later arrival date or earlier check-out date): All cancelled booked dates are considered as a cancellation.

Travel insurance

We strongly advise guests to contract a travel insurance when organising their travel and accommodation bookings.

Redeeming part of your cancellation costs: 

We offer our guests the possibility to make another booking for the same number of nights within 3 months of the cancellation. A 25% discount will automatically apply to the new reservation. This option is conditional to availability and seasonal rates changes.

Peace-of-Mind option 

For guests who do not have a travel insurance - Contact us to request the Peace-of-Mind option when making your booking. For an extra non-refundable amount equivalent to 20% of your total reservation, we will refund the total amount of the reservation (100%) with no administration fee, at any time, no-questions-asked

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