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Activities & Services

Business Services

Business facilities

Free Wi-Fi ultra-fast fibre optic broadband and Internet available from the cottage 24/7

Colour Printing & document Scanning

Desk with charging station and optional wide screen


Interpreting Service (by arrangement)

We can organise interpreting services in most European and Asian Languages in the following disciplines:

  • Legal

  • Technical

  • Medical

  • Environment

  • Tourism and tour Guiding

  • Real Estate


Certified language translations

French is one of our specialties, but all your important documents can also be translated from and into several languages by our language professionals. Please contact us for languages and rates or email your document(s) for a no-obligation quote.)


Cottage Facilities


We are open for service every day from 07:30 am to 11:30 pm. Please note that normal check-in time is 3pm and check-out time is before 10am.

Airport Transportation & Shuttle                  NZ$ 45.00

Depending on our availability and with sufficient notice, we would be happy to drop you off Auckland Domestic or International Airport. 

Please make sure to check your Flight Information prior to Departure.


Free Luggage storage                                                        

We are happy to safely store your luggage for up to 6 hours before check-in or after check-out time. 

Long term Luggage storage            NZ$ 5.00 / bag / day

You may wish to leave some of your luggage with us while visiting other places. 

E-Bike rental          

Guests can now discover Auckland and its surrounding islands with our latest 2021 Wattwheels Bighorn e-bikes. We offer maps, helmets, paniers and water bottles. Also available for 1/2 day rentals.

4 hours: NZ$ 75.00   -   8 hours: NZ$ 100.00   -   24 hours: NZ$ 150.00










Hydrotherapy Spa pool     (Up to 3 guests)  NZ$ 30.00 / 1/2 hour             CLOSED DURING 2024

Harbour View Cottage offers a state of the art Hot Spring Spa pool with back, neck and leg massage jets for total relaxation. We highly recommend it after a long flight.  The Spa pool is only available by arrangement under conditions and extra charges. We hope to reopen this facility later in the year. 


Sleeping essentials & Pillow menu

We constantly try to upgrade the comfort of the cottage ensuring that our guests have all they need to sleep like angels and feel rested after their journey. To achieve this, our walls are fitted with sound insulation materials, the Hypoallergenic air conditioning unit is constantly maintained to remain ultra quiet,  beds are equipped with bamboo memory foam and all our linen is 100% pure Egyptian cotton. Going even further in this commitment, we also provide a pillow menu.

We offer at no extra charge a selection of pillows to suit your sleeping habits. The following must be ordered before check-in:

[A] Extra-soft feather pillow; [B] Semi-soft lamb wool pillow; [C] Medium bamboo fibre pillow; [D] Medium density memory foam; [E] Copper infused memory foam pillow;  [F] High density memory foam pillow (Hardest).

Note that the [C] option is standard

wattwheels bighorn.jpg
Weather Service

Auckland climate is known to be unpredictable. This is why we are providing you with an updated weather forecast. Clicking the sunny face below, will help you to better plan your activities and clothing requirements up to 10 days ahead.

Tourism & Entertainment

There is always something going on at the Theatres, race courses, museums, Casino, concert halls, and stadiums within 20 minutes from us. 

You may also decide to shop or visit a café on Onehunga Mall, enjoy a free summer Concert in the Park, go to the Gym or the pool next door, discover the historic Fencible cottages of Jellicoe Park, bike along the Manukau Harbour, watch sheep shearing in Cornwall Park, spend some time on Auckland beaches (Onehunga, St Heliers or Mission Bay), play a game of Golf or take the train trip to the city centre and board the ferry to Devonport or Waheke island. It's all happenning nearby!


The Auckland NZ Official Tourist and Travel Guide

will keep you informed of all current activities, concerts and sporting events around Auckland.

From our B&B you are only minutes away to most stadium, event and cultural centers by car, taxi or train.


In-Room entertainment

Your room is equiped with Free-View Satellite Television.  We also have a wide selection of Film DVDs available on demand.


What to see and to do near by

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