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Your pets are very welcome

subject to prior arrangement (on booking) and with compliance around the following policy and information.


We want to welcome you and your pet to Harbour View Cottage. We know pets can be much adored and are considered a member of your family.



We also have resident pets on our property. Our gentle life-saver companion "Napoléon" (pictured on this page) unfortunately is no longer with us and went his own way after 16 years of loyal service, fun and 5900 gourmet meals.  Our brown cat Marlon Brando is a bird and fish watcher as well as a prime suspect in local rodent genocides. He is also very social with people but shy towards dogs he does not know.  Many native birds such as fantails, kingfishers, pheasants, Tuis, black birds, parrots or wood pigeons are also attracted to our garden, some showing a particular interest in our fish pound and fruit trees. 

As we sometimes have very young children on our property, we appreciate to be introduced to your pets on arrival to assess their level of friendliness – Generally there is not a problem. However, if there is any aggressive or anti-social behaviour, we will need you to keep your dog tethered.


Please note that the property is fully fenced but very small dogs may still escape under the gates. The cottage door is equipped with a pet door suitable for small dogs and cats.




  • We expect that you will at all times be responsible for the care of your pet and their behaviour and that they are socialised to an acceptable standard. (eg constant barking is not acceptable)

  • Please do not leave your dog(s) on the property or within the cottage unattended.

  • Pets are prohibited on furniture, beds or sofa unless the owner provides some adequate cover. Please supply some form of bedding for your pet. Cats may need a cage. Whilst we might be used to our pet’s smell, hair etc- other guests are not and can even have an allergic responses.  Pets laying on upholstery then requires professional cleaning at a cost. This cost will be handed on to you if there is evidence of non-compliance.

  • If pet grooming is necessary, it shall not be done inside the cottage.

  • Generally, pets are welcome to roam free on the property with your supervision and responsibility.

  • We appreciate you picking up your pet’s droppings and disposing of in the outside bin.

  • We do not excuse abuse toward animals. We do not accept wild animals, aggressive or fighting dogs.

  • Farm & very large dogs are welcome and may only sleep outside on the veranda or in owner’s vehicle.

  • As expressed, your pet/s are welcome however owners will be charged for any damage to the property and chattels incurred.


PET REFUNDABLE BOND (Payable Cash On arrival)

Note that the bond is not intended to cover daily charges and cleaning fees and does not represent the maximum limit of the owner's liability. 

- For stay less than 1 week:  $200.00

- For stay over 1 week:        $500.00

PET CHARGES (Payable on departure after deduction of bond)

  • One-off Pet Cleaning Fee:                                                             $30.00 (Up to 7 days)

  • Daily charge for animals staying on the property (Inside or outside):  $10.00 / pet


Pets must not be left unattended on the property. However, if for any reason you must be away for few hours without your pet, we may accept to look after them subject to availability and by arrangement only. This service carries an extra charge of $20.00 /hr.

PET MENU ($5.00 / serving)

Have forgotten your pet's favourite food? No worry, we have a selection of pet food available:

  • Dog small biscuits

  • Home-made Risotto with Turmeric for dogs (with Jasmine rice, garden vegetables and raw prime beef mince)

  • Cat biscuits

  • Mackerel in natural oil (Great for Cats and dogs fur and joints) 

  • Chicken necks (Pre-frozen)


We also have available:

  • Sleeping mattress for large and medium dogs, ($5.00 cleaning fee)

  • Dog and cat meal bowls (No charge)

  • Pet balls and toys (No charge)

  • Rubber brushes (No charge)

  • Portable pool for small dogs (No charge)

  • Dog Leashes (No charge)


There are a couple of vet clinics within a minutes’ walk from our B&B.

- Onehunga Vet & Pet Supplies: 09-636 6899

- Royal Oak Vet: 09-625 9729



- Pets by Air: 09-216 6011 (128 Selwyn street, Onehunga)



There are a number of areas and parks in the immediate vicinity for dog walking:

- Jellicoe park is almost at our doorstep less than 5 minutes away.

- Cornwall Park is a famous working farm about 15 minutes’ walk where dogs can be exercised on leash and the 360 degree views are beautiful across Auckland city from horizon to horizon.

- Onehunga Bay Reserve (10 min walk away) has a great wide-open space (off leash dog exercise area) for dogs to run around, and, at high tide, a lagoon to swim in.


We hope you appreciate this information and are looking forward to hosting you with your pet.

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